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MK1 Rabbit A-Pillar Trim

<<UPDATE 11/7/12>> I was overly optimistic when I said the passenger side would be done in a month.  Fact is, between my career and kid, I don't have the time that I used to.  This project is gnawing at me every time I walk into my shop so it will become a reality sooner rather than later.  With any luck I could have both sides for sale by the end of the year but I can't make any promises.  Even once the molds are made it may take 3 weeks for me to get your parts made.  Please let me know if you're interested and I'll be sure to add you to my email list. -Jake <<UPDATE 8/13/12>> I started on the passenger side mold this weekend. Should be finished in the next month. Finding a-Pillar trim for a VW Rabbit that isn't cracked or broken is tough and will cost you if you do. I was lucky enough to find a complete set some time ago and rather than destroy the drivers side while making the A-Pillar Gauge Pod, I thought it made sense to go ahead and reproduce it for others looking for a replacement piece. At the moment I only have the left (drivers) side molds made but I'm working on the passenger and center pieces now. From my understanding there are at least 3 colors that came from the factory - red, blue and black. My trim replacement trim is only available in black until I find paint to match the other factory colors. I'm estimating $20/side.  Due to the time involved and cost of material the price will be $30/side shipped, $50 for a pair shipped. Email me if you're interested!

7 Responses to MK1 Rabbit A-Pillar Trim

  • Ric Gonzales says:

    I am interested in both sides in black, thanks

  • Mark says:

    I’d be interested in at least a couple of sets if you decide to make them. I’d really be happy if you found paint as I’d like to match my blue and red interiors.


  • brantley berry says:

    Would be interested in set of trim!!

  • adam petsche says:

    i have been searching high and low for all pillar pieces. front, middle, and rear. i have been restoring a rabbit for a few months, it has close to no interior and every time i come across a parts car, these parts are missing. and i need them to put in a head liner and give it a better finished look.

  • Tristan says:

    I’m interested in these. Dont scrap this project just yet. I dont believe enough people are aware of your website.

  • Very interested in a set for the A-pillar trim in black for my caddy truck.

    I will be using a push in seal.


  • Scott says:

    I would be interested in the left and right a-pillar plastic trim pieces to fit an 84 GTI. I would prefer blue but will take a set in black if that is what you produce.

    Thanks, Scott

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