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MK2 3 Gauge Din Panel

Update 11/72012: While this project is 9/10's complete, I'm afraid it's going to have to sit for now. There has been a reasonable amount of interest but my priorities have changed and I just don't have the time. If I find the time I'll pick it back up. Update 8/13/2012: The gauge panel and clips are now finished and I'm starting on the molds. Parts should be available in the next 2-3 weeks and I'm estimating $30 shipped for the complete kit.
Update 6/20/2012: There has been some decent interest in this so I've been working on it as I can find the time. Attempted a backing plate to hold it in, then mocked up integrated clips... all of which failed. I'm sticking with detached tabs (like retaining clips) and through screws which will give a nice, secure mount when installed. I'm shooting to have this ready to ship to a few guinea pigs in the next couple of months! If you want to be one of those guinea pigs let me know.

There have been a few people that have commented on how "un-Euro" A-pillar Gauge Pods are (most haven't seen my pods in person). For that reason I decided to mock-up my own take on the venerable three opening radio slot or "DIN" sized panel.

All of the panels I had seen were pointing the gauges at the rear seat so the goal was to point the gauges at the driver as much as possible. After lots of measurements and some work in Sketchup, this is what I came up with. In this illustration the passenger side of the gauge is raised 1/2". While it's not pretty, this illustration gave me the measurements and angles to work from.

After some quality time in the shop I've ended up with a working prototype. The picture shows some angles of the part, still in need of polishing and some small touch-up, but 95% there.

The gauge panels would mostly likely be made with Fiberglass/Epoxy, but I've been looking into some new casting urethanes as well. I may go that direction if the sharp angles pose too many issues with the layup.

Let me know if you're interested. I'm still not sure if I'm going to produce these.


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  • Kevin says:

    NICE!!! Would Def be Intrested in this!…a pkg deal between the Piller pod and this would be a nice thing to have to 😉