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Update 8/12/12: The pod shape is officially finished and ready to test fit. Some improvements made with the new design: 1- Each pod's depth was increased to accept 1 1/2" gauges. 2- The factory lower mounting point was retained - no need to drill an additional screw hole in your a-pillar! 3- This pod will be the first I've made with factory supports from the original trim. 4- The finished product will be make with a plastic urethane good for 200+ degrees. It's still a little rough because I fully expect it to need some adjustments before it receives the texture. Stay tuned! Update 6/27/12: Alright folks. I'm really trying to get this project finished but there have been some hold-ups. The a-pillar trim I was working from was involved in an accident and finding a pristine replacement was less than easy or cheap. I recently found a complete set and as a precautionary measure I'm taking time to mold the mk1 a-pillar trim. As a benefit I'll be able to reproduce the stock trim for those seeking a replacement! So, in short I'm almost finished with the mold for the drivers side. When that's done I'll continue with the mk1 pod. The pods section is 70% there so the finished design should be quick to finish. Please stay tuned, email me if you'd like to be updated and I'll try to get this done before Christmas! Here is a shot of the driver's side a-pillar trim mold almost completed: June 2011 Update: The MK1 A-Pillar Pod is taking much longer than I could have imagined.  Here is a list of challenges I'm facing:
  1. There are at least two different windshield seals for the Rabbit MK1. My goal is to make one part to fit both types to keep down on the overall cost of the finished pods.
  2. Finding Rabbits to test fit this pod in. I don't own a MK1 so finding one in the salvage yard to test fit it in is hit and miss. Until recently I had been shipping the part back and forth to people all over the US that I met in VW forums. Needless to say all of this shipping, waiting, and not seeing how the part fits with my own eyes has been a frustrating process.
  3. I have a career.
  4. Most importantly, I have a family.
I recently relocated to Tampa, FL and I am looking for locals to test fit this pod in. If you have, or know anyone that has a MK1 in the Tampa area please contact me. I will make it worth their time. I need one Rabbit that has the factory plastic a-pillar trim, and one that does not.
If you would like to be notified when this pod is completed, please use the contact form.
This A-pillar gauge pod will fit any MK1, A1 chassis VW Rabbit, Golf, Jetta, Cabriolet, Pickup, GTI, & GLI